Guilt…It seems to campout when we are working on work-life balance. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If we can be intentional about setting certain practices in place, we can take dominion and decrease the guilt.

In today’s show, Ron and Lexie discuss how guilt has settled in to our lives and 7 ways to decrease the guilt and have more balance.

Communicate and Set Boundaries with your employer. Most employers feel the same guilt and will respect your desire to give time to both your job and your family. Communication, negotiation, and discipline to stick to your boundaries are all important keys to developing balance.Do not be slaves to technology. Phones and email have made our lives easier and we encourage you to use it to your advantage. However, you can set boundaries around when to respond and allow interruptions. Waiting an hour to respond, in most cases, will not affect the outcome.

The power of “No.” Do not say yes to some commitment out of guilt. You do not have to run every committee or attend every function. When someone asks, use the following formula to decline:

Express gratitude for being askedDecline graciously

Offer up an alternative (this can be either a name who might do the task or offer another task that you would be willing to do.)

Fight the Guilt. You are not a super hero and therefore do not have to pretend that you are. When the guilt comes up, name it for what it is, take a deep breath, and recognize all that you are doing.

“Clean” is a relative term. When you are able to tolerate a little messiness, then you are better able to focus on the things that bring joy. Be willing to pay someone to clean for you if you can find a way in the budget.

Private time is critical and searching out small ways to appreciate things is good. This will fight off burnout and give you the energy to continue to pour into all the other areas in your life.

Check your company’s policy on flextime and working from home. Companies are more willing to keep valued employees happy.

How do you work on balancing work and family?




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