Prep for School


In this episode, Lexie and Ron Lee┬átalk about prepping kids for back to school. Can you believe it’s that time already?

As time gets closer, it can be a good idea to start dialing back bedtime. A gradual reset can help that first morning to go more smoothly.

Do you remember what the beginning of school was like for you? Did you worry about who you would be friend with or about bullies? What do your kids worry about? What do they hope will happen in this new year? This can be like New Year’s resolutions for adults. Talk with your kids about what they hope and fear for this new year. Even if there aren’t solutions, talking about our hopes and fears can lower anxiety.

Finally, think about what systems you want set into place to help things run smoothly. I good system can run without much effort once it is implemented. We recommend a launch and landing system. What is the system for launching out the door in the morning? What is the system for landing? Where do you store backpacks? When do you pack lunches? Where and when is homework done? A little prep now can ease anxiety for all later.

How do you prep for back to school? Tell us in the comments. We are always looking for ideas.

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